Daniel R. ZuccherinoBorn in La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 13, 1951.

EDUCATION: Lawyer, School of Law, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), 1984 - Honor Degree and Best Average of the course.

AWARDS: “Profesor Silva Riestra”; Scientific Production 2005, Universidad de Belgrano (UB); Scientific Written Production 1997, Universidad de Belgrano (UB).

MEMBERSHIP: President of the Intellectual Property Association (ASDIN); Founder and Ex President of the Patent and Intellectual Property Committee of the US Chamber of Commerce in the Argentine Republic.

PRACTICE AREAS: Intellectual and Industrial Property; Patents; Trademarks; Legal Department; IP Advisory. He advises domestic and international companies on legal matters and evaluates the most convenient strategies for solving legal conflicts. He has been member of Obligado & Cia. since 2007.

BACKGROUND: He has extensive experience in Intellectual Property, emphasizing the following: Head of the Legal Department of a Multinational company, Lawyer of an IP Law Firm, Director of a well-known Laboratory, Arbiter of the Brazilian-Argentine Chamber of Commerce of San Pablo, and Adviser of the Presidency of CAEME (Argentine Chamber of Medical Specialties) about legal and institutional matters. He has actively participated as lecturer in many IP conferences and seminars in several Argentine Universities and Institutions, and has attended more than 50 courses and seminars in Argentina, Europe and the US.

ACADEMIC ACTIVITY: Head IP Professor at the School of Law and Social Sciences, Universidad de Belgrano (UB), Head Professor of Commercial Law I and II at the School of Economics, Universidad de Belgrano (UB), and Professor of the IP Master at the Universidad Austral. Ex Head Professor at the Torcuato Di Tella University, Ex Director of several postgraduate courses at the Universidad Museo Social Argentino and Ex Professor at the School of Economics and at the School of Law, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

PUBLISHED BOOKS: “Protección Jurídica de la Información Confidencial y de los Datos Científicos” (co-author: C. Mitelman), Lexis Nexis, 2007; Código De Comercio Comentado, co-author of Volume 6 (Industrial Property), Hammurabi, 2006; Derecho Económico Empresarial (co-author C. Mitelman), Errepar, 2000; Patentes de Invención, Introducción al estudio de su régimen legal, Ad-Hoc, 1998; Marcas y Patentes en el GATT, Régimen Legal (co-author C. Mitelman), Abeledo-Perrot, 1997; El Derecho de Propiedad del Inventor, Ad-Hoc, 1995; Derecho de Patentes: Aislamiento o Armonización (co-author C. Mitelman), Ad-Hoc,1994, among others.

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LANGUAGES: Spanish and English.


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